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In use worldwide

AMTEC systems in use around the globe

Our customers are based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Honduras and in other countries in eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

AMTEC machines are distributed in Europe from Hamburg, Germany by the company BluePack Machines GmbH, and we also have some other distribution partners. Installation, training and maintenance are carried out worldwide by our trained technicians.


See what satisfied customers from all over the world say about AMTEC:

" ich wollte mich für den perfekten Ablauf mit der Übergabe der Maschine herzlich bedanken. Wir sind mit der Maschine sehr zufrieden – der Techniker war super (sehr nett und hat alles verständlich erklärt)."

" Danke nochmal für den guten Telefonsupport."

" Thanks for sending Andreas as he is one of the best technicians I have come across. Very capable and cool under pressure. Best regards and warm wishes."

" vielen Dank für die ungeheuer schnelle Bearbeitung meiner Anfrage."

" vielen Dank! Die Maschine ist top!"
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Here you will find a short overview of some explanations of the various packaging techniques.


Tested and overhauled machines from the manufacturers SOLLAS, KALLFASS, BECK, MARDEN EDWARDS, SITMA, MEURER, PESTER and others can be found amongst our special offers.
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