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In use, worldwide

AMTEC-branded machines have been manufactured and distributed worldwide since 1988, i.e. for more than 25 years. AMTEC machines can be found in the most diverse industrial and other commercial areas, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, printing and media.

More than 360 machines and system modules are now available to customers. This ensures that a suitable machine can be offered for almost all packaging and filling needs at an excellent price/performance ratio. Some notable customers which have used AMTEC machines themselves or whose subcontractors have invested in AMTEC machines in order to fill or package their various well known branded products include:

Unilever, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, Singulus, Cinram, Balzac Coffee, Burda Druck, Schlüter Pharma, Hitachi, Playmobil, Apple, Heinz Ketchup, Bogner, Valensina, Lohndirekt, AV Medien, Multi Media, Next Pharma Logistics, TNT, Sony, Bertelsmann, Milka, Heinz-Ketchup, Alnatura, B.A.T., Universal, La Mer Cosmetic, Zamek, Amazon, Maxim Markenprodukte, Beiersdorf, Cinram, Implantcast, Colorit, Amor, UDEX, B+S Logistic, MFP, Finanz Informatik, Albert Peppers, Big Oz, Mercatura Cosmetics, NextPharma, Gertec, Arthrex, EDD Holding, Volige Ltd, Vella Fruit & Veg., Publiplast, ECIM, Rügenwalder, Alsco, Backring Nord, Eschweger Klosterbräu, Botarin Kosmetik, Studienverlag, Druckerei Schlüter, Hensen, Domaco, H. Kannengießer, Chronos Papier, Sandwich Man, Lebenshilfe Altmark-West, Sunpack, Funsch Marzipan, Dr. Siemer Getränke, Systemkosmetik, Vital Products, LaRose, Océ, MyFitMix, Jacobs, Metro, Australian Pet Brands, Human Optics, Medienfabrik Güterloh, Makana, Vedes, Schenker, Diakoniewerkstätten Brandenburg, Herneth Gartenbau, Giacobbe Pasta, International Bookservice

...and many others

Some notable customers

Einige namhafte Kunden

Our customers include many companies who have continually expanded in the past few years: one customer has now invested in acht complete large vertical packaging systems, and a logistics company now operates four fully automated shrink wrapping machines. A contract packer has bought eight small similar machines recently, another has bought four completely different packaging systems.

PC components, Games consoles, Wooden briquettes, Baby powder, Vegetables, Fruit, Picture frames, Pulses, IT printouts, Cable spools, Beer bottles, Pralines, Caviar glasses, Ketchup bottles, Gummi bears, Computer games, Cornflakes, Rice, Vinegar, Ketchup, Wallpaper paste, Cooking oil, Cartons, CDs/DVDs/BluRay, Sweets, Pizza, Dried fruit, Egg ranges, Sandwiches, Cosmetics, Playing cards, Spice jars, Cigarette packets, Fashion jewellery, Condoms, Chocolate bars, Candles, Serviettes, Cutlery, Prostheses, Writing blocks, Books, Magazines, Games, T-shirts, Tea, Calendars, Cassettes, Pasta, Nails, Milk powder, Washing powder, Baby wipes, Ice cream, Shelves, Bottles, Solar panels, Car parts, Printing products, Professional clothing, Chocolate boxes, Frozen produce, Tablet multipacks, Film rolls, Panels, Tube parts, Ladders, Plants, Spices

...and a huge list of other products.

With AMTEC machines, we concentrate exclusively on film packaging machines and dosing and filling systems, but in contrast to other providers we offer almost all relevant packaging techniques, so we always have one or more sensible solutions for a huge number of uses.
AMTEC Filmshop


Here you will find a short overview of some explanations of the various packaging techniques.


Tested and overhauled machines from the manufacturers SOLLAS, KALLFASS, BECK, MARDEN EDWARDS, SITMA, MEURER, PESTER and others can be found amongst our special offers.
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