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We have been making our own products and developing industrial products for years, so we know fully automated manufacturing processes well. These processes bring with them the use of the most varied of production machines and packaging machines around the clock. Our own experience with a wide range of different packaging tasks, potential problems which may arise from them and solutions which can bring the desired results as quickly as possible is the optimal basis for designing ideal machine solutions for you as a customer.

After more than 20 years in business with a limited range of new machines and working with a very wide range of used devices from companies such as Sollas, Pester, Kallfass, Beck, BVM, Marden Edwards, Shanklin, Sitma and others, production of our own film packaging machines began in the Far East over twelve years ago.

The most important thing is flawless packaging, reliable and not unnecessarily complicated machine assembly and the lowest possible monetary investment.

After several years of analysing the capacities of potential production partners, AMTEC film packaging machines are now manufactured in 14 factories which are specialised for the relevant machines and their accessories.

The production volume there, which is usual for the region and is significantly higher than that in Europe, enables considerable cost advantages which you can profit from directly.

Several of the AMTEC systems are based on machines which in some cases have been on the market in significant numbers for one or two decades; this means that we have technical experience at the highest level. Devices of this type are taken for their basic mechanical systems, but then modified in terms of the materials used and security features for use in Europe and around the globe, and then certified. Other machines are reconstructed almost completely.

An AMTEC machine differs significantly from the original Far East version in particular in the quality and strength of the chassis and the casing, in the building height, the selection of electronic and mechanical components, the protective casing and the partial reconstruction of some functional parts.

Vertical packaging machines from AMTEC, for example, are almost exclusively made of stainless steel. Electronic components come from well known manufacturers such as Siemens, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Schneider, etc. Cylinders and other pneumatic components from Festo or SMC and others, relays are from Omron. The attached CE certifications have been carried out, for example, by TÜV Süd, TÜV Rheinland, the world renowned testing institute, the SGS Group, and other qualified organisations.

At the end, you are provided with an AMTEC machine which is not only better value than other new European machines, but costs even less than used machines. Even from a technical point of view, AMTEC machines have for a long time no longer been seen as merely comparable to machines from other manufacturers. The quality and simple use of AMTEC machines is prized and expressly preferred by more and more customers.
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Here you will find a short overview of some explanations of the various packaging techniques.


Tested and overhauled machines from the manufacturers SOLLAS, KALLFASS, BECK, MARDEN EDWARDS, SITMA, MEURER, PESTER and others can be found amongst our special offers.
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