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Packaging technologies and services

In our service area, you will receive information about the different packaging techniques, including animation. In addition, you can click through our comprehensive range of services to our machines.

Packaging techniques

AMTEC Packaging techniques

Here you will find an overview with explanations of the various packaging techniques. These techniques are also available via the menu items on the left, are summarised there and completed with typical layouts, designs and photos to help you visualise them.

AMTEC Packaging techniques

Complete service

Complete service

If you are interested in a particular machine or a specific packaging task for a whole system, with input, dosage, packaging, output, control and bulk packing station, send us your request using the contact form on our website or directly via email (info@bluepack-machines.com). Let us know the type of machine you would like, or give a short description of the packaging task – describe the product, tell us your desired packaging technique (e.g. shrink wrap, vertical packaging, flow wrapping etc.) and give details about, for example, the shape of the pouch, the product or pouch size (LxWxH in mm) and the required packaging speed (units/minute).

On the basis of this information, you will receive an offer from us generally within a few hours to give you an initial idea, or if necessary with several alternatives and options. We would then be happy to answer any questions you may have on the phone and to give you further advice.

Please see also the menu items on the left to get informed about individual topics of our service offers.

Complete service
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Here you will find a short overview of some explanations of the various packaging techniques.


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